We’re About More
Than Just Coffee

We believe that the best things in life are simple, so we opt for all-natural and organic products whenever possible.

We’re also defined by community. We love all things local to the authentic rural Hawaii. This is why we seek to build community partnerships and feature as many locally-sourced menu items as possible.

Natural and local–you’ll see these values reflected in the items we serve. These are the ideas that shape everything we do.


Lotus Energy Drinks

Make the Most of Your Day with Our All-natural Energy Drinks

Energize and revitalize any time of day. Colorful, plant-based Lotus energy drinks sweetened with vibrant fruit flavor combos will have you feeling your best. Our energy drink selection is also available with Red Bull.

Nourish Your Body with the World’s Finest Teas

Hawaii’s volcanic soil and mild climate produce some of the world’s best tea leaves. Be kind to yourself with the antioxidant-rich perfection of Hawaii-grown tea and matcha. Mix in your favorite flavors for a refreshing iced beverage, or sip on the warm goodness of our classic hot teas.
Cold Brew at Country Grounds Coffee Co

Indulge in an Elevated Coffee Experience

In the country, we believe in working hard to do things right, especially when it comes to our coffee. We carefully select only the best organically-sourced, locally-roasted beans. Then we expertly brew our coffee to precise standards. Our specialty coffee flavors are always made from clean ingredients, free from artificial colors and sweeteners.
Doughmos Cookies

Nosh on Our Yummy Locally Made Food

We serve scrumptious baked goods, made by local chefs and bakers right here in the Waimea community and surrounding areas. Our daily selection of artisan goodies is the perfect complement to our locally roasted coffees. Be sure to stop in early and grab your favorite treat - we sell out regularly.

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