country grounds wholesale

Waimea’s favorite local coffee is now available for wholesale opportunities on the Big Island. Our wholesale product line is a perfect match for local cafes and shops seeking to add coffee to their menu without adding the expense of an espresso machine.

At Country Grounds Coffee Company, we roast our coffee right here in Hawaii and we have perfected the craft of cold brew. Our wholesale product line features our full selection of flavors, as well as custom flavor options. We currently offer the following products for wholesale: cold brew, flavored cold brew, cold brew with milk, flavored cold brew lattes, and our popular energy Refreshers.

Wholesale cold brew products are pre-packaged in 32 or 64 oz bottles. The bottles are ready to serve – simply open and pour over ice in glassware or to-go cups of your choice. Our wholesale Refresher product line is prepackaged in single serving containers – simply pour over ice and add seltzer water. All of our products can also be offered for direct resale to your customers.

Are you interested in serving Country Grounds Coffee products at your location? Contact us today to discuss a wholesale order specifically tailored to your business.

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