Caffeine Game Changer


Take your favorite Country Grounds Refresher flavor on the go with our Caffeine Game Changers! Each 4 oz bottle is bursting with your favorite combo of energy + flavor.


Select a Red Bull Game Changer or a Lotus Plant-Based Energy Game Changer, and then choose your favorite flavor.


Red Bull Game Changers are prepared with flavor only. Red Bull is NOT included. Simply pour over ice and add your own Red Bull (or energy drink of your choice).


Lotus Game Changers are prepared with our plant-based Lotus Energy infused in the flavor. Simply pour over ice and add seltzer water to taste.



Each 4-oz Game Changer bottle makes one 20-oz Refresher packed with energy and flavor. Simply pour the Game Changer into a cup and fill the cup with ice. Top off our Lotus version with seltzer water. Top off our Red Bull version with a Red Bull or your energy drink of choice.


Spazzberry (blue raspberry/vanilla)
Hawaii Whip (blue raspberry/coconut)
Starburst (strawberry/raspberry)
Jolly Rancher (granny smith apple/kiwi)
Desert Rush (desert pear)
Tropic Thunder (mango/pineapple/coconut)
Gummy Bear (passion fruit/coconut)
Sea Breeze (mango/desert pear)
Tidal Wave (blue raspberry/pomegranate)
Aquaholic (blue raspberry/passion fruit/pineapple)



You can opt to pick up at our Waimea location or have your order shipped directly to your doorstep. We ship this item using USPS Medium Flat Rate Boxes. Each box holds up to 20 Caffeine Game Changers. We recommend ordering in quantities of 20 to get the best value for your shipping cost.

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Country Grounds is excited to offer Caffeine Game Changers, a quick and easy on-the-go energy solution. You can have your favorite drink on standby 24/7. It’s always a great time for a Game Changer!

-Want to have a coffee now and a refresher later?
Grab a Game Changer (or two) and drink it whenever you are ready!

-Have a friend or loved one that needs a pick-me-up or a special occasion gift?
Send them a Game Changer!

-Bummed that we are (still) closed Sunday?
Grab a Game Changer for Sunday so that you don’t have to settle for any place else!

-Going on vacation but want to take a little bit of home with you?
Order a week’s worth of Game Changers and take those Refresher vibes on the road!

-Moving or live far away but still craving your favorite Country Grounds Refresher?
We’ll ship it to you!


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